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Our company was established in 1985 and has been responsible for providing outstanding sharpening and repair service ever since. Our specialty is circular carbide tipped saw blades. Our business is located at 13357 Russell Drive Cabool, Mo.

sharpening carbide tips

replacing carbide tips

We sharpen a wide variety of saw blades, tooling, and also replace carbide tips for commercial and wood crafters. Our hours are 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Pick up and delivery available (call to make arrangements).                                                                  

pocket knife being sharpenedKnives: hunting, kitchen, fillet, pocket, etc. (up to 14")

peeler knives being sharpenedchipper, planer, peeler, etc. (up to 48")

a small variety of the different blades we sharpenCircular saw blades: 5" - 36"

drill bit being sharpenedTooling: drill bits, router bits, mower blades, clipper blades, hair shears, chains (chainsaw), etc.

We also carry new and used replacement blades. Feel free to call or email me for pricing.

some of our new blades and shapers in stock

some of our blades in stock (boxes are all new blades)

After we finish perfecting your tooling, it will be polished then dipped with a protective coating to prevent cracks and chips. It will then be delivered or shipped to you.

saw blade polished and being dipped

Thank you for visiting our web page and thank you for your business!